Julia Rosenstock

»Meadow of Carnivore Plants«


Meadow of carnivore plants is a Venus flytrap biotope staged on C-stands which is accompanied by an audio narrative via wireless headphones. Aesthetically, it links to a diorama found in a natural history museum. Yet in this diorama, the surface that otherwise renders the illusion of a “naturalistic” biotope is stripped away, glitches.

The audio narration describes the plant and its biotope as developing in fruitful expansion. Entities are personified with phrases drawn from the coaching and self-help world. But Venus flytraps also depend on disturbances such as forest fires to grow; these movements are formally present in the narration and spread out at various moments during the loop. They show what might lie underneath the surface rendered by the narration.

Venus flytrap [Dionaea muscipula]: carnivorous, rhizome-forming, grows in nutrient-poor soil, depends on periodic natural fires every 3–5 years.

Who said anything about winning?
Tell me tales of plants that grow somewhere else than up.
Does it exist if it doesn’t fit your expectations?
Show me what lies underneath the rendering of progress.
As the surface is peeling, can you feel the pressure?

I’ve heard that good destruction requires care:
1. Empty it of its substance
2. Step to the side
3. Watch it expire

Sound in collaboration with Lukas Mogwitz, voice by Josie Haar , sound technical assistance by Simon Schötz