Julia Rosenstock

»Oracles of Denied Presents«


Climate Collapse is taking place, yet so far major consequences are only felt in parts of the global south; what we deny in Western society is present in their daily life. The Youtube-Playlist presents both a parallel and a future reality. The videos display coping mechanisms and products that simulate normality to numb the reality of a collapse tangled world. The reality of a denied present, the gap between knowledge and action.

Props included: Safety whistles, led humidifier, mosquito nets, bluetooth key finder, waterproof shoe covers, dynamo powerbank, water container, plants, mood rings, coloured light bulbs, canvas bags, preserving jars, dynamo flashlight, replacement filter for Airinium respiration masks, respiration masks, wax food wraps.

Youtuber: Alina Schmid, Guilherme Lourenco Coelho, Hannah Ruppert, Jil Gielessen, Jordan Bakar, Kevin Piela, Lena Bösch, Luna Redondo Campiglio, Lia Haubner, Lena-Grace Suda, Maria Madonna, Moritz Tibes, Nils-Hendrik Welk, Ringo Lukas, Timm Behler

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